Top 5 Workout Tips You’ll Hate – But They Work!

If you’re into training you no doubt have received a lot of tips from different people to increase your rate of results.

We’ve listed the top 5 tips that get neglected for one simple reason – people hate to hear them. But the truth is, as much as you may try to avoid them, they produce results and make your time spent in the gym much more productive.

  1. Train your legs

    Many people neglect training their legs for one reason – it hurts. Training your legs can have an overflow effect on the rest of the body. And, being the largest group of muscles, building your legs will increase your metabolism more than any other body part.

  2. Rest

    If you’re a hardcore gym goer there’s a good chance that someone advising you to take a break from the gym won’t go over too well. The one mistake a lot of trainers make is overtraining. Rest is when our bodies recover and grow – not in the gym. Take the time to recover, you’re body and results will thank you.

  3. H.I.I.T

    High Intensity Interval Training, or H.I.I.T, is an intense form of cardiovascular exercise where you do a short-period of intense anaerobic exercise followed by less intense recovery periods. This style of cardio produces improved athletic endurance as well as increased fat burning, however it burns and hurts more than steady-state cardio – probably why you don’t see it being done in most gyms. But believe us; because the workouts are relatively short, H.I.I.T is a great way to get a killer workout in when you’re tight for time.

  4. Leave your ego at the door

    Too many lifters these days lift with their ego instead of their muscles. Doing an exercise with proper form will have a greater impact on results than lifting a lot of weight using improper form, never mind it also lowers the risk of injury. Only lift the amount of weight for each and every exercise that allows you to do a full range of motion with perfect form.

  5. Warm up, cool down and stretch

    Most people walk straight through the front doors and right to the first exercise of their workout. And leave as soon as the last set is finished. Warming up before you train, and cooling down and stretching after you train, will help you avoid injury and will actually produce better results than avoiding them. These should be a fundamental part of any training program.

Incorporate these tips into your workout – whether you love ’em or not. They’re sure-fire ways to build a better body faster!

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