April Cools

April Cools

When it comes to the coolest fitness gear, are editors are always on the cutting edge. Here’s a collection of items so exotic, some Inbox Fitness doesn’t even carry yet. Check ’em out anyway for fun and motivation!

April’s Coolest Fitness Gear

NOVA Climbing Wall


By creating this beautifully-designed and customizable climbing wall, LUNAR Europe seeks to redefine how training equipment can fit within the home. NOVA is a different type of boulder trainer—rather than using the typical outwardly-projecting colored holds of other climbing walls, it manipulates lighting and highlights certain strategic cut-outs along its panels. With the smartphone app, users can receive personalized training, change the highlighted climbing holds, and choose from a variety of climbing routes. NOVA is specially designed for residential settings, providing striking and modern form and function to any living space.
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$107,000 Solid Gold Dumbbells


At some point in our lives, haven’t we all wished we could do biceps curls with pure gold? Thanks to the Germans, now you can. These real 18 carat gold Hock Goldloft dumbbells are a design object, an investment, and a fitness accessory in one. The weights themselves are 1,000 grams of 18 carat gold each, and the handles are made with finely-sanded rare Grenadilla wood. Limited to 50 pieces worldwide.
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Zombies, Run! 3


If you need an extra incentive to start doing boring old cardio, try running for your life in a zombie apocalypse. The Zombies, Run! 3 app takes you to an action-packed world where you have to keep up the pace to escape roving hordes of brain-eaters. As you run, the app will narrate a series of survival missions, telling you to speed up to avoid being eaten alive whenever zombies get near. You can use your own music while you run, and the zombies’ intensity is easily adjustable, allowing you to walk, jog, run, and even do interval training through all the missions.
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Hydroflex Surfboard

Carbon Fiber Surf Board

Carbon fiber is stronger and lighter than most metals, which makes this awesome material more and more widely used in aerospace, robotics, manufacturing, and medicine. So it was only a matter of time before someone decided to surf with it. Using TeXtreme carbon fiber, Hydroflex has created incredibly light, responsive, and high-performing surfboards. These boards are fully customized and must be made to order.
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Athos Wearable Performance Coach


Many popular fitness trackers are content to tell you how many steps you have taken or how fast your heart is beating. Athos takes it to the next level, using 22 EMG sensors, 6 heartrate sensors, and 2 breathing sensors positioned throughout your body to monitor your muscular activity. This information is synced with the Athos app, which monitors how you are exerting yourself and which muscles are activated as you exercise, and can alert you of any muscular imbalances to prevent injury. Athos can be useful for cardio as well as for weightlifting.
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The Holy Grail of Nachos?


Could it be possible to stuff your face with snacks and carefully watch your macros at the same time? These amazing Nacho-flavored chips make this dream a reality. Painstakingly formulated and refined after numerous consumer taste surveys, the incredibly tasty Zesty Nacho ProTings pack 15 grams of protein, 4 grams of fat, and 120 calories in a healthy GMO-free, gluten-free, and completely vegan package. While the Zesty Nacho flavor isn’t yet available for sale until next week, we do sell this extraordinary protein snack in other delicious flavors: Spicy Chili Lime, Tangy Southern BBQ, and Toasted Sea Salt.
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Skulpt Body Composition Tracker


To truly understand your progress at the gym, it’s important to know not only your weight, but also your body fat percentage. Skulpt is a portable and lightweight device that quickly and accurately measures your total body fat percentage and muscle quality. It’s 4 times more accurate than the skinfold calipers many of us use, and 5 times more accurate than bioelectrical impedance ‘smart scales’. Skulpt works by sending a small electrical current through one muscle at a time, giving you incredibly precise and granular detail. It also syncs all this information with the smartphone app to track progress over time, set goals, and stay motivated.
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Kayak Pro


There are plenty of rowing machines out there, but few can give you the same feeling you get on the open water. Designed to emulate the exact experience of kayaking, Speedstroke Gym is perfect for rowing enthusiasts who are stuck on dry land. This machine has been tightly calibrated to have the same range of motion and provide the same resistance as you would experience on a kayak, making it the ergometer of choice for gyms, professionals, and Olympic athletes.
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